Does Age Difference in Relationships Matter?

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When we see a romantic couple but with a considerable age gap, many people’s eyebrows raise. Studies say that couples with the age difference of ten years face social disapproval. All the cultures around us we can say the society which we live in do not accept the age- gap couples easily. But in western countries, 40% of couples reflect the considerable age gap. Therefore, does the Age Difference in Relationships Matter or not?

Big Age Gap Between Relationships

In western countries, 10% of married couples have a significant age gap, which is ten years or more than ten years. In these couples, more are older men who are married to young women. Only 2% of couples are there, in which older women are married to a younger man.
Limited couples are there of same-sex such as 25% of the male-male, and 20% of female-female is married with a significant age gap.
All these examples say that the majority of the couples are married to a similar age group. Pair with the same age groups can understand many things such as interest, life goals, value, stage of life, and physical appearance.

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Does Age Difference in Relationships Matter?

Age Doesn’t Matter in Relationship?

For many couples, age doesn’t matter. In other cases, like men prefer younger women, women prefer older men for reproductive fitness. All this happens when someone is having good genes, which specified through their attractiveness, energy, status as well as the sense of trust. Some women attracted to an older man because of their condition and resources.
Some man marries to more youthful women so that they can provide children to them.

Outcomes for Age-Gap Couples

When it comes to issues of relationship, many people assume that age-gap couples’ relationships are inferior. But some studies have proven that age-gap relations are highly satisfying relationships. It seems that these couples have a significant commitment, trust in each other, and less jealousy as compare to the same age group couples. About three-quarters of the pair, in which younger women are married to the older man, and they are happily married couples.
The factor which impacts on the relationship is their perceptions, which means that couples of age-gap believe that their friends, family, and the society in which they live will not accept their relationship. Then the risk of a break-up of relation increases. Therefore, you decide about your relationship; you want to spend your life with the one you love rather than taking the judgments from the outside. This will put a negative impact on your relationship.

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Does Age Difference in Relationships Matter?

Age Matter or Not

A successful relationship depends on the values, goals, beliefs which we share. Couples must support each other in achieving their goals, ethical relationship commitments and solve each other problems constructively. All these factors not followed by age. So, the fact is that the age-gap may bring some challenges for the couple, but it depends on couples that how they work on their relationship, in this, you need a sense of understanding. Age should not become a barrier in your relationship.

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