Healthy Relationship Boundaries You Should Maintain Forever -

Healthy Relationship Boundaries You Should Maintain Forever

Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Communication sets the basis for relationships. Though people also need to be vocal about their wants and set healthy relationship boundaries. In a relationship, setting boundaries helps in establishing the needs and wants of both the partners. The healthy relationship boundaries make both the partners comfortable and help in boosting positive self-esteem. In a relationship, one’s wants, needs, beliefs, and limits should be cleared out.

Healthy Relationship Boundaries

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Boundaries help to keep a relationship healthy. They are responsible for maintaining a balance between things in one’s life. Everyone is raised with a different set of virtues; therefore, it is impossible to agree upon everything in a relationship. Setting these boundaries helps maintain a balance between one’s virtues and their love as it helps in setting one’s identity that defines their individuality and retains the emotional and mental stability of a person. The poor boundaries founded in a relationship result in anger and resentment between the two people. One develops a tendency to rely on their significant other for their happiness and lead all decision making processes.

Why The Boundaries

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One needs to express themselves clearly as setting poor boundaries creates a lot of confusion and leads to disappointment. When one sets healthy relationship boundaries, it is equally important to respect them. Well communicated boundaries help in establishing the trust and comfort level between the two partners. However, one needs to know the difference between creating healthy relationship boundaries and manipulation. One should not control the other’s life and the activities they involve in.

Remember Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Here a few things one needs to remember while setting healthy relationship boundaries.

Communication: Honesty goes a long way. Therefore, it is important to be honest, and communicate what one feels in a given situation. Sharing one’s thoughts with their partner is healthy, which will help peacefully resolve their issues. One can gather their thoughts before discussions though it should not be used to avoid the conversation with their partner.

Responsibility: When one ends up fighting with their partner or disagreements, they should take a moment to analyze the cause of the fight and think about their contribution towards the fight. Instead of verbally abusing or blaming the partner, one needs to take responsibility for their actions. This would help in resolving the issues.

Assumption: No matter how long you know the person or how they react, assuming their feelings and reactions is wrong. Assumptions are the leading cause of misunderstandings between the partners. Therefore one should try asking instead of interpreting their own set of conclusions.


Relationships require a lot of effort. Setting boundaries in a relationship is considered unnecessary, and many couples never discuss the boundaries. Though for a successful relationship, it is important to set healthy relationship boundaries. Most people think being open about everything in a relationship is what creates trust among the people but it is completely wrong and will be proven so once they get back to reality and understand they have personal lives to attend to and they would like to focus on their personal lives without their partner constantly overviewing it.

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