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Quotes On Love Relationship That Will Help To Ignite Your Love

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Even if you and your significant other are doing great and going strong with your relationship, sending them sweet remarks every now and then can keep your relationship as fresh as day one! This has been proven to be a great method for couples of all ages and we surely think that you should try it too. But, no one can write up sweet love notes every now and then, right? So, why not send them quotes on love relationship that have been keeping the flame bright for many couples for a long time now? 

Excited to rekindle your love? Check out our top picks of sweet, cute and cheesy love quotes that can melt your sweetheart’s heart right away!

Cute Quotes On Love Relationship For The ‘Just-In’ Couples

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“Who, being loved, is poor?”

~ Oscar Wilde

Indeed, when you have just started your relationship with your better half, things feel mushy and cute almost always. The butterflies in your stomach don’t stop fluttering and you just cannot stop yourself from day dreaming. Such is the power of love that it can make you forget everything and think about just one thing all day long. 

In our opinion, since the time that you are in a relationship, it should always be that way. Yes, there are times when you need to think and act logically and stop your butterflies from fluttering, but that does not make you love your partner any less, right? So, make sure to keep that intense first day love burning all throughout your lives!

A Love Quote To Inspire Your Partner

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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”


When your love matures, you will find that it nourishes you in a way you have never seen before. It makes you stronger, wiser and a better person in all possible ways. This, in turn, helps you build each other in a way that is better for you both. That transformation, the one where you transform yourself to be a better person for your partner, is truly amazing, the value of which can never be replaced. 

A Love Quote To Inspire Your Partner

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“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

~Khalil Gibran

This quote is indeed absolutely true and can bring a smile onto your partner’s face even after the most tiring of days. So, if you are looking for ways to cheer up your partner, you might as well send them this text and see them cheer up instantly.

Wrapping Up

Love is a thing that can change you, your way of thinking, your actions and your life. It can make you and even break you. When you are in love, you function as a system. So, it is your responsibility as well as your partner’s to make each other better for the other person and also as a person and grow wise together to make the lives of your future generations beautiful and lovable. Besides, if you ever feel your love fading away, you can definitely try these lines on your better half to reignite your love! Trust me, they’ll work wonders for your relationship.

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