Relationship Advice For Women To Keep Out The Toxicity -

Relationship Advice For Women To Keep Out The Toxicity

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Relationships are tricky. There is not a single person in the world who has been in relationship, or are in one right now, and have never had fights and doubts about the decision. However, when it comes to the relationship advice for women, we are most often told about braving the storm together, and how it marks a true relationship. But, we don’t hear much advice when it comes to toxicity in relationships. And, that’s a major problem with many among us. 

Relationship Advice For Women In Toxic Relationship

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Are you in a toxic relationship? The answer is not easy at all! I can vouch for it because I have been through it. It is near impossible to see the toxicity from within, until it’s too late. And, that’s why, we often tend to ignore, and sometimes even irritated by the advices of those around us, as they constantly try to open our eyes to the reality! So, how do you know if your relationship is indeed toxic? How do you know if your partner is a toxic person? There are few clear pointers that will help. Check these, and if you find a majority of them matching your personal experience, be assured that the relationship is definitely toxic. 

You Can Be Never Right

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One of the classic signs is when it’s always your fault! No matter what goes wrong in the relationship, the onus is on you alone and your partner is always right. This can go to the extent where you feel that you are extremely lucky to have such a perfect partner, and that he deserves much better than you! Let me tell you, it’s quite certainly the other way round. And, you are in a toxic relationship wherein your partner manipulates you continually to make you feel like it’s always your fault. 

It’s Always About Him

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The relationship is all about him. Your feelings, emotions, opinions are never heard, considered, or respected. This will be true for every aspect of the relationship. He will always have the last say. And, it will be his emotions, feelings, and opinions that will get the priority at all times. 

You Cannot Remember The Last Good Time With Him

Yu don’t remember when was the last time that you felt good with him after spending some time, because, that almost never happened! Every moment that you thought will be special end up as something bitter because of “your fault”! And, you end up with memories of pains rather than joy and happiness. 

You Are Not Comfortable With Yourself 

This person has been so critical, that you are no longer comfortable with yourself. You have doubts about yourself and you are always trying to act differently around him, just to gain his approval and appreciation. That’s a terrible way to live! And, it’s toxic! 

You Cannot Grow Or Change

You will feel like the caged bird, or the one that has its wings clipped. You will not be allowed to explore, to grow, and to change. Every effort to grow and change is met with mockery and disbelief. There is no support at all from your partner. You are continually judged and told that you can’t change or do something. That’s toxic! 

It is not uncommon for people to get stuck in a toxic relationship for years without knowing. It’s because these people show that they love and care, while in reality they are nothing but a toxicity in your life that you need to do away with, no matter how much it pains. And, once you are free, you will realize how much you have been tied down.

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